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Answers start with questions:

Take a moment. Read the questions. If you can answer them all with a resounding "YES!", you will be safe in an audit. If you answered "maybe", "I don't know", or "no", then you could use our help.

DID YOU KNOW that California sales and use tax regulations for advertising agencies, commercial artists, designers and photographers went through a major revision in 2002 because of a 2001 California Supreme Court decision?

DID YOU KNOW which parts of your billings can be exempt from sales tax?

DID YOU KNOW what to do about minimizing your taxes and minimizing audit exposure?

DID YOU KNOW that your choice of language in your client / advertising agency agreements significantly affects sales tax liability?

How do we do it?

First, we meet with you to review your sales tax payments, procedures, and liabilities.

Second, we analyze the information you provide and create a proposed plan and recommendations to reduce your sales taxes.

We are also available to train your staff to develop in-house capability to minimize your sales tax liability.

If you are facing an audit, we will interact with the auditor on your behalf and will appear at any hearings in the appeal process if necessary.

And here's the best part:

The money we'll save you will be far more than our fee will cost you!

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